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Destructivator 2 Review

For anyone who are looking for nostalgic games, you’ve come to the right place. Destructivator 2 offers pure nostalgia right off that bat with its retro graphics that reminds of the good old NES days. Its fairly challenging just like the games we’ve had before.

The controls are very straight forward. Other than the usual directional movements, you only have a button for jumping and shooting. Its that simple. Finishing a level requires you to clear all the enemies found in the stage. Your score will only vary depending on how much health you have at the end. There are a total six missions and each missions has multiple stages in it and a boss level at the end. You can also choose from three difficulties: Normal, Hard and Brutal. I highly recommend that you go for the Hard difficulty to fully experience retro gaming, where hand-holding is not allowed and you are thrown right in the middle of the mess. Just like the good old times.

There are only a couple of things that I didn’t like about the game. One is that there could be instances that you may have to backtrack because apparently you forgot one enemy to clear the stage. Or sometimes when there are only few enemies remaining, you are left wondering where the hell did went and what what area did you forgot to clear. So I kind of hoped that we get an indicator for the enemy locations once they are few in numbers. Next is the level designs, I find them too similar in my opinion. While the structures feels like it blend to much with each other.

The game is fits well if you’re looking for short bursts of fun since the level are pretty short to finish. This is a good change from the usual releases we get nowadays. Its a great throwback to the retro games. Plus, its reasonably cheap, I’m sure you will get money’s worth. They also offer a demo version of the game just incase you are still unsure whether to grab this game or not.

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