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Winning Love by Daylight [Ep 1+2] Review

Winning Love by Daylight Is a visual novel by Cutlass Boardgames. The game starts off quickly and puts you straight into class, introducing each character one by one. Winning Love puts you in one-one scenarios with these characters very quickly, and introduces important plot points immediately. Right off the bat, The art made a good impression on me, not being your typical visual novel fare. The artwork ranges from good to very pleasant, my only complaint being a few odd character features such as remarkably long fingers. The music was not as kind to my ears as the visuals were, as it was an annoyance as often as not.

Winning Love uses slice of life moments to introduce the characters and their defining characteristics, although these moments can feel somewhat forced at times. With that in mind, the story is intended to move quickly and doesn’t leave you guessing for long as to where it is leading the reader. Each of these characters has their own route, and on these routes you discover a secret power that they each harbor. The ending varies based on this choice, and can be replayed to experience these friendship and what each entails.

I didn’t encounter any spelling or grammatical errors, and the writing is above average when compared to its peers on Steam. I didn’t find any deep character development to reminisce over upon completion, but again this is a short story with many paths to choose from. The strength of Winning Love lies in its outlandish yet charming development that enables you to care about the fate of these fast friends.

Overall, Winning Love by Daylight is a short yet entertaining story that dips its toes into supernatural and scifi territory. It kept me engaged for the duration of the tale, and while I won’t likely revisit these characters I did enjoy the journey.

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