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Whisper Trip Review

Whisper Trip is a fast-paced, strategic hack and slash, side scrolling, platformer game with a difficulty spike that comes on too strong in the beginning levels of the game. One thing that should be noted, this game is rough to play on mouse and keyboard. I enjoy the general concept and where the difficulty is trending but combined with wonky controls and physics it makes it a very frustrating experience.

It’s difficult for me to give this a thumbs down, I genuinely enjoyed it and found moments of fun and engaging gameplay and because for some people this may be their cup of tea or might be much more adept out of the gate. I found myself getting stuck on walls or spinning endlessly on top of enemies on a corner and other buggy elements that added to the already frustrating element of gameplay where you can expect to die a lot. Sometimes enemies will randomly fire very fast or not when they have other times. There is also no save menu, so if you start a new game accidentally you will lose all your progress, not ideal if multiple people are playing on the same machine.

Graphically this game is nice but nothing too special or world shattering to mention. The theme is less significant against the gameplay and it made no impacts on me while playing, The graphics for cutting up bodies is great and the dropping x’s are a nice touch. I think if this game lent more towards dark synthwave music, it would have made a more memorable experience because I felt like the music was rather just generic industrial/electronic sounding.

I enjoyed the game in moments but feel flat with the weird controls and buggy or sticky level aspects. I think the foundation is supremely solid, it just needs some minor refinements to details here and there to improve the frustrating elements that are not expected products of gameplay. There just needs to be some more thoughtful details implemented to make this top shelf. For now, this is a no from me dawg.

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