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Ghost Party Nyanbaba Review

Ghost Party Nyanbaba is a hidden object game with a slight difference where players are tasked at searching for objects that don’t seem to belong in a scene before the timer runs out, failing to do so will result in getting “jump scare” I mean “cute scare” by the villain Nyanbaba.

Same but Different

The goal of the player is to find 10 items that are hidden in each scene/stage. Unlike most hidden object games (HOG), there’s a time limit for the players to find those items. Failing to do so will result in a game over which will have the villain Nyanbaba jumping out to “scare” and frighten the player. 

After that happens, the player would have to restart the stage from the beginning, but fret not as each stage lasts just a couple of minutes at most. It is further reduced if the players click on and make a guess on the wrong item they need to find. Every wrong click will reduce the timer by a few seconds.

To keep things slightly fresh, every restart will randomise the items the play would need to find. For example there would be a pool of 20 possible items to look for and every restart will randomly pick 10 of that pool of 20 items to look from. This correlates to the percentage for each stage in order to 100% each stage. Meaning finding all 10 items does not mean you’ve 100% a stage as it is necessary to replay it until you’ve found every item in that pool.

Something is Sus Here

There are 10 stages to play from with each stage having a different theme to them. With the difficulty in identifying and finding the hidden items varying from one another. What makes it difficult is that you aren’t told what items to look for. But you simply need to be observant and determine what items seem off and do not belong to the theme of the scene. At times it is very tricky to figure out what seems off and what you need to find so there’s quite a bit of trial and error.

Final Thoughts

Apart from that, the game works as intended and has some nice art to them so it doesn’t feel hastily made or “cheap” in a way. Sure the gameplay is very simple with the difficulty being telling what objects you’re supposed to look for. If you’re looking for an accessible and cheap HOG game with an hour or so of time to kill, then why not?

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