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Reborn Tribe Review

Reborn Tribe could be described as a game that is a mashup of economic development, trading, crafting, and adventuring. The player starts out with basic buildings and can develop various parcels of land as farm, shops, pasture, workshops, etc. Each produces raw materials that may be used for crafting, or sold to a trader for cash. In many cases, some materials will be a source of crafting with the surplus sold off to finance crafting and recruiting adventurers. Reborn Tribe has a fair bit of depth and there is a learning curve to understanding to which raw material production will be useful to produce a given product. This becomes important as the game progresses, because each new parcel of land acquired costs progressively more money. Also, there is real time maintenance and production, so purchasing land and doing nothing or developing it as something that can’t be used yet can lead to bankruptcy; ending the game immediately.

There are not many options, just the basics, like toggling music on and off or sound effects. Language can be set, the game appears to have been developed by a solo developer, the style of the graphics and some of the dialog suggests Japanese. There is a back story to the game that tells the player about the quest to restart or ‘reborn’ a tribe, however, this doesn’t seem to be important. There is mention of the game setting being medieval, but it appears to be more of fantasy setting. The graphics appear to be hand drawn with flatly shaded textures. The characters are styled like bobbleheads.

The game play loop seems to be to start by building a positive cash flow via developing farms, pastures, and workshops. There is also the ability to build shops and set the goods that will be sold in them. Hotels and apartment building can be built, which will increase the shop traffic flow for selling goods. In addition to all of this, recruited adventurers have a secondary skill, such as Workshop-Deputy. When assigned to a workshop, a workshop-deputy can boost the yield of the workshop. All of the development building types have a corresponding specialty. The adventurer can be put into a training building and slowly train up their experience for the adventuring part of the game. Adventuring is a simplistic combat mode, chosen from a static map of encounter locations. The player is supposed to progressively defeat encounters to unlock the next location.

The battles in Reborn Tribe can be manually fought, but the default is an auto-battle mode. This mode is probably the best way to play initially as the battles fought manually may be a bit tedious. There could be situations in late game battles where it is a good idea to fight manually for strategic reasons. When a battle is won, there are material drops and experience is gained. The adventurers appear to level up automatically. Reborn Tribe is surprisingly well made considering it is a solo developer and possibly the first game he/she has ever made. There may need to be some refinements over time, but so far it seems pretty solid with no apparent bugs. It is well worth the asking price, considering the depth, and is highly recommended.

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