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Neon Nights Pinball Review

This is a fun pinball game that has eight flippers in the table with two upper play fields. Even though there is only one board right now, it already features seven primary missions, two skill shots and a multi ball. To know more about this, I highly suggest that you check their official guide.

I’m no pinball master and the game is still rough on the edges, but I had tons of fun playing this one. I even topped the leaderboards at one point and I have a screenshot to prove it! The neon cyberpunk aesthetic fits nicely as a pinball game. There’s tons of neon-inspired designs all throughout the board. Its also comes with a fitting custom soundtrack that plays in the background.

I have to say that the presentation of the game could’ve been better. The main menu seems too simple and uninspired. I also find the lighting inside the board to be quite dark for a neon-inspired pinball. There were times that it was hard to keep track of the ball due to lack of lighting, and sometimes the only way to keep track of it is by looking for the shiny reflection coming from it. I was hoping it would be clear and bright as it was on the preview images.

As of this writing, accessing the leaderboards is quite a hassle. I’m not sure if it is because the event, but the only way to see them is by uploading a score first. I think it would be convenient if we could access them right of the main menu. I’m not sure how the leaderboards work but it seems that we have to manually upload our score ourselves? It doesn’t mention what our current highscore (or the highest on the leaderboard) when playing. I also didn’t found any settings for this game and especially the option to change the keybindings. Even though you can change bindings through a controller, I’m pretty sure there are more players who prefer playing it using a keyboard like myself.

Overall, I do recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a new pinball game to try but is short on the budget. The steam leaderboards is nice way to compete with others for the highscore.

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