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Twice Reborn: A vampire visual novel Review

Twice Reborn is a visual novel with some branching path decisions points, where the reader can potentially change the story or simply end up in a “dead-end”. The story is set in Colorado, primarily at a Catholic University. The area is filled with vampires, and the protagonist slowly discovers that there are sects of vampires and that he has been chosen to join, or become a blood donor, or end up dead.

There aren’t a lot of options for Twice Reborn; music, sound, and voice volumes can be adjusted. The background music upon starting is absurdly loud. There are options for message text speed and windowed or full screen. Twice Reborn doesn’t really have any controls other than mouse clicks to continue to the next text segments or dialog selection. The graphics are worth mentioning; all of it is reminiscent of hand drawn sketch work with some Photoshopping. Most of the scenes and characters are fairly well detailed.

Twice Reborn is not a dynamic or live action style of visual novel, it is a collection of static scenes and character poses. There is no animation to speak of, although characters bounce or slide across the screen for effect at times. The voice acting is a bit rough, some characters sound realistic, while others are laughable stereotypes. Most of the novel is text messages that must be read, rather than voice acted. Some of the writing is unnecessary fluff, descriptions of a scene that doesn’t need a description, etc.

The branching of the story feels very directed at times, and in some locations where several options are presented, it makes little difference which option is selected. In other words, on certain decision paths, all roads lead to Rome once a critical point is reached. Trying some branches can lead to an abrupt dead-end, where the protagonist meets an early demise. Playing through the story to the end will likely take a few hours, although there are multiple “normal endings”, which can extend the overall time saving and reloading to see where things go with different branches. The endings feel like an abrupt end to the story; sort of like a long, long introduction to the cast of characters, very short mystery, and quick resolution. Twice Reborn as a campy vampire story will not appeal to many players; however, it is recommended, but on sale as it’s replay value is quite limited

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