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Sheriff Rage Review

As a game that is incredibly shallow, with no story, extremely basic gameplay elements and no variation at all, Sheriff Rage is a game I would just outright avoid. I completed the full game in less than 6 minutes and at a price point of currently 4USD, there is no way i could suggest this title.

I don’t mind games that are short if they have lots of replay value and are at price points that justify only playing them for short times, but this is a clear cash grab title. The only thing in Sheriff Rage that is well done is the art. All of the enemies are exactly the same with different images to represent them. All of the AI move and act the same, so the enemies don’t even have varies personalities of any kind.

To be honest, this game feels a lot to me like it was probably a minor school project in an intro to game development class or something like that. If you spend money on this game, you will walk away very disappointed.

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