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Honey, I Joined a Cult Review

Honey I Joined a Cult is a fun game in which you build a cult in the hopes of gaining faith, enlightenment, and of course copious amounts of money from your followers. The game has a minimalist artistic design in which characters are moving across a grid and not being directly controlled. Think of Rimworld or Prison Architect. The gameplay is engaging and the theme of cults makes it that much more fun to play with and watch play out before you.  

The game intrigued me because it resembled Rimworld, one of my favorite games. The game has many similarities but is not as big of a sandbox in comparison. You have rooms that you can build and items that are associated with them directly. You can edit the schedules of each cultist, which is helpful, some missions come in the night. If you like Rimworld you will find a warm familiar feeling playing this.  

I like the organization of the pop up screens and how things like missions and the building menu, as well as character details frame the screen when you need to look at them while still focusing on the center of the screen. This was great for building and trying to look at multiple people, moving around, etc. The UI in general is attractive and pleasing to the eyes. The filter menu really helps navigate and build rooms without having to scroll through pages of items. Very nice quality of life inclusion. The settings menu does not offer much control other than standard basic controls, but does have a night time performance mode in the graphics settings if that happens to be valuable to you. 

The game is quite funny and brilliant in design and scratches that itch of wanting more games in a similar vein of Rimworld. Building is simple and everything is well organized and the tutorial does a good job of setting you on the right path towards acquiring more followers to your cult. I enjoy that I can play this casually while listening to a podcast or music, being able to multitask adds value in management games for me. I absolutely love this game and I look forward to seeing it evolve with the roadmap the devs have planned. Dang good!

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