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This Bed We Made Review – Mysteries Unfolded


‘This Bed We Made’ by Lowbirth Games takes players on a captivating journey into a neo-noir world set in the 1950s. The game masterfully blends elements of mystery, drama, and player-driven narrative to create an experience that’s as rich in story as it is in atmosphere.

Plot and Narrative Depth:

The story centers on Sophie, a hotel maid whose life is upended when she discovers a mysterious roll of film. This seemingly innocuous find catapults her into a web of secrets and lies swirling within the Clarington Hotel. The game does an exceptional job of portraying Sophie’s transformation from a bystander to an active participant in the unfolding drama, as she delves deeper into the murky waters of the hotel’s hidden affairs.

Gameplay Mechanics and Puzzle Elements:

‘This Bed We Made’ emphasizes narrative, but its gameplay is far from passive. Players are engaged in investigative tasks, searching rooms, and deciphering clues. The puzzles are cleverly designed, providing a satisfying challenge without being overly obtuse. The game demands a careful balance between snooping and maintaining the facade of an ordinary maid, adding a layer of tension to the gameplay.

Character Development and Interactions:

The game introduces a diverse cast, with the possibility of forging alliances with characters like Beth or Andrew. These relationships are fluid and responsive to player choices, giving weight to every decision and dialogue option. The potential for romantic entanglements adds another layer, allowing players to explore different facets of Sophie’s personality and her interactions with others.

Visual and Audio Presentation:

‘This Bed We Made’ boasts impressive visuals, with the 1950s setting meticulously brought to life. The attention to detail in the hotel’s design creates an immersive experience. However, the game is not without its technical shortcomings, particularly in the audio department. Early gameplay can be marred by sound inconsistencies, which, while not overly detrimental, can momentarily pull players out of the experience.

Replayability and Consequences:

One of the game’s strengths is its replay value. With multiple endings shaped by the choices made throughout the game, players are encouraged to revisit the story and explore different paths. This design choice adds significant depth, making each playthrough feel fresh and consequential.


In conclusion, ‘This Bed We Made’ is a standout title from Lowbirth Games, offering a rich narrative experience. The blend of mystery, character-driven plot, and immersive setting makes it a compelling game for a wide audience. Though it has its minor technical flaws, the overall experience is one of intrigue and engagement. For those seeking a game with depth, choice-driven narrative, and a captivating story, ‘This Bed We Made’ is a journey worth embarking on.

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