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Enshrouded EA Review – Crafting Harmony Amidst Mystical Chaos

In the vast, ever-expanding universe of Open World Survival Crafting (OWSC) games, “Enshrouded” emerges as a notable contender, aiming not to reinvent the wheel but to refine it to near perfection. Developed by Keen Games, this title has quickly positioned itself as a front-runner in the genre, capturing the essence of what makes OWSC games so appealing while ironing out many of their traditionally rough edges.

Character Creation and Initial Impressions “Enshrouded” offers a straightforward character creation process, which, while not as detailed as some competitors, allows players to jump into the action without delay. The game starts strong, with intuitive base-building mechanics and a crafting system that feels rewarding from the get-go. Players can easily alter their structures block by block, providing a satisfying sense of control and creativity.

Gameplay Mechanics: A Mixed Bag The game excels in casual exploration and building, offering a balanced challenge that caters well to players with limited gaming time. Its crafting and base-building aspects stand out, offering a quick yet engaging experience that lets players return to exploration and combat without undue delay. However, “Enshrouded” falls short in its narrative delivery, relying heavily on in-game literature that can detract from immersion for those seeking a more integrated story experience.

Combat in “Enshrouded” is engaging, although it might not satisfy hardcore fans of the Soulslike genre. The game seems to funnel players towards magic and ranged combat, overshadowing melee options as the game progresses. This imbalance is a double-edged sword, offering fun and dynamic combat scenarios but at the expense of class diversity and balance.

World Building and QoL Features The game’s world is beautifully crafted, filled with lore, and devoid of dead zones, encouraging constant exploration and interaction. Quality of Life (QoL) features are abundant, with streamlined inventory management, non-perishable food, and limited corpse drops that reduce the frustration commonly associated with death in survival games.

Particularly commendable are the innovative building mechanics that allow for significant structural modifications without the need to dismantle entire sections. This, coupled with the lack of destructive weather and raids, permits players to focus on creativity and personal expression in their base construction.

Community and Developer Interaction “Enshrouded” benefits from an active and responsive development team, which has been quick to release fixes and updates. This level of engagement is promising for the game’s future, suggesting a roadmap filled with enhancements and new content. The community’s feedback appears to be taken seriously, a factor that will likely contribute to the game’s longevity and success.

Final Verdict “Enshrouded” is a commendable addition to the OWSC genre, offering a polished experience that respects the player’s time and creativity. While there are areas in need of balancing and enhancement, particularly in combat and storytelling, the game provides a solid foundation that is enjoyable in its current state and promises further improvements.

The game stands out for its user-friendly design, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the sheer beauty of its world. It’s a title that can appeal to both veterans and newcomers to the genre, offering enough depth to keep the former engaged while remaining accessible for the latter.

“Enshrouded” successfully captures the essence of survival and crafting while eliminating many of the inconveniences that have traditionally plagued the genre. It is a testament to the developers’ understanding of player needs and an exemplar of what modern OWSC games can achieve. While not without its flaws, it is a game that offers hours of engaging content and the promise of more to come.

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