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Cute Chaos Demon Nyanbaba Review

Cute Chaos Demon Nyanbaba is the third entry to the Nyanbaba Hidden Object Game series. As with previous titles, you’re tasked to find an object within the level’s environment that seems out of place and inconsistent compared to everything else in the level.

You “Scared” Us Again

Continuing on the same story, Nyanbaba the Cat/Girl Alien hides objects for you to search for within a specific timeframe. Failure to do so results in the series staple of “cutescare”. Just like always there’s a series of 10 levels requiring the player to find 10 objects in order to progress and “beat” the level. The player is free to start any level of their choosing.

Seek and You Shall Find

Each level in total has a pool of 20 hidden objects to be found in total in order to 100% the level. So the player would need to replay the same level and find each object at least once and beat the stage, as each level is completed after finding 10 of those objects.

The Second Round is present here as well where players have an added challenge to find all 20 objects in the dark with your cursor as the light source, and to be completed before the time ends. Clicking on the wrong object on both game modes will progress the time ever so slightly.

Cute Chaos Demon Nyanbaba plays well as expected with no issue apart from the menu being not translated fully again, which is just a little smudge on a game that plays well with no hiccups.

Same Meow, Different Day

As the release of Cute Chaos Demon Nyanbaba is close to the 2nd title, Cute Bully Nyanbaba, the artstyle is consistent and similar on both titles. On the downside, there’s no difference in both titles apart from more of the same. So if you’re hoping for something new from the previous title, you won’t find it.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed the previous title then you’ll be pleased that you’ll get more of the same, in terms of artstyle, gameplay, cute-ness (subjective) amongst others. With the difference being the levels, their themes and the hidden objects. So expect the same one-sitting game duration that can be 100% in around an hour as you unwind with yet another cuppa hot drink.

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