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DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game Review

DEEEER Simulator is just what it claims to be: an average deer simulator. Without the benefit of surprise that its spiritual predecessor had, this game knows you’ll spot its ridiculousness a mile away. With that in mind, it tries to crank the volume up to 11… and for better or worse that is exactly what we get.

You start off in the center of town playing as a deer in the midst of his day. You are quickly shown the controls, and start off near a few parked cars. The cars zoom at a trillion miles per hour, and you can crash into stuff. There are cows playing basketball, a half-pipe and road ramp (which both didn’t really work with the in-game physics), and plenty of people to beat up.

Everything in this game screams “look at me I’m wacky” and it wears thin pretty fast. You can play reversi with a cow. You can find various weapons and shoot pedestrians. You can turn into toast. If you take out a building or shoot someone, an army of lamb police officers come after you. There are secret islands, but they’re not really secret as they’re just a trot away. Every one of these secret islands looked cool from afar, but once I got there I realized there’s nothing to do on them.

There is purchasable DLC for this game, but whatever is in it should have been included in the base game because there really isn’t a lot to do. It feels more like a demo, and although I tried I didn’t find anything of any significance after my first hour of playing. It seems like there should be a bunch of secrets, but there aren’t many.

What was mentioned above is almost everything there is to do in this game aside from a few boss fights. It is entertaining but there really isn’t much substance once the novelty wears off, especially when you realize everything it tries to do Goat Simulator does much better. I give a hesitant recommendation, but unless you’re hellbent on trying DEEEER Simulator wait for a sale.

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