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Decorporation Review: Pills and Kills

Decorporation is a fast-paced FPS set in a dystopian office world. It mixes roguelite elements with first-person shooting to create a short, fun game. To be honest. I had my doubts but Decorporation soon proved me wrong.


One morning, you’re sitting on the bus surrounded by your fellow obedient peers on the way to the Corporation building, Your overly obese boss sits you down only to say that you’ve been fired. You proceed to get absolutely meme’d out through the window and now you desire to seek vengeance on your former boss.

At the start of the game, you’ll find these Decorporation pills that magically heal you up and give you the resistance against your boss’s control over this world. The game starts off humorously simple which is fine as the game gives you that vibe already. For the end however, I felt that it was very offputting for a game that started off so memey but it’s something that I’ll give a pass for now.


Now this is where the fun begins. Decorporation’s main gameplay loop is simple yet it is a blast to play. It is a permadeath first-person shooter with a zest of roguelite. You explore the labyrinth-like office rooms full of cubicles and office supplies to find the elevator to the next floor. There are goons stopping your quest either by shooting, hitting, or throwing stuff at you. Fight back against these fools to raise your score for the level.

The roguelite elements comes in the form of the vending machines near the elevators at the end of the level. The currency is the score you have accrued from playing the floor and they do come with their pros and cons. You could get the option of getting a snack that boosts your reload speed, but lowers your fire rate.
Make sure to spend your points here as each level resets your score, I learned the hard way.

Your main source of combat is either melee or guns. Keyboards, apples, chairs, and knives can be found plentiful thorough the levels but you risk being overwhelmed by enemies and having to fight in close quarters. You could also throw your melee weapons and let the surprisingly good physics do the work. You can always resort to the old, reliable gun that surprisingly has no recoil and always shoots at the reticle at a decent fire rate. The only downside I find with the gun is the scattering of ammo around the levels so you really need to keep an eye out or else you might run low.

There are 9 levels in total and you can totally breeze through the levels by following the sign on top of the doorways to reach the elevator quickly. I’ll admit that it is incredibly easy to get lost in the floor with all the rooms looking the same (which I guess is the point of a dystopic office place). Oh I should mention that pills will be your main source of healing and a power-up to your walking speed. There’s apparently some addiction mechanic if you use the pills too often but I haven’t experienced this myself since I managed to stockpile on pills near the end.


Art is very minimalistic and barely any animation at all which isn’t bad if you take into account how it sets the tone for the dystopian feeling. However, it could’ve been better but art direction trumps graphics.

The music is pretty bussin’! I love the deliberately nonchalant corporate jingle you hear at the main menu. I also like the suspenseful action theme that plays as you rampage through the office space.


Decorporation is a great game for people who enjoy playing FPS. The roguelite elements help keep things relatively fresh and the game is easy to get into without much experience. I really enjoyed playing this game and I hope you folks give it a try!

You can get Decorporation through the Steam store page HERE!

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