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The Valiant Review

The Valiant is a squad based Real-Time Strategy game set in medieval Central Europe and the Middle East by KITE Games, makers of Sudden Strike 4 (Not Ancestors Legacy, which is made by Destructive Creations). 

Mad with Power

The story of Theoderich, a former crusader in his quest to stop his former brother-in-arms, Ulrich from acquiring all the pieces of the Rod of Aaron. An artifact that wields unspeakable powers that is not meant for mere mortals.

Less Fuss, More Action

At its core, The Valiant is an Action RTS that focuses on squad-based and management on the battlefield. There’s some base building elements but one that is very minor and not very in-depth. After the 2 prologue missions, you are given the choice to pick the squads that you will use in the following mission. 

Choose Your Weapon

The squads that are locked are the “Heroes” squad that are tied to the narrative of the mission. You can however choose the “Mercenary” squads to bring in (or not) starting off with Spearmen, Archers and Swordsmen with other units unlocked and available the more you progress. From the squad screen you can unlock skills for your Heroes which will aid in the battlefield. Here you are also able to equip them with items that you find in the mission areas that act as upgrades or a change in style and skills for your hero.

Free Reign

Once you start a mission, there’s a set of objectives you have to do which will then feed you with more as you progress the mission. Apart from the first 2 missions which are very linear, subsequent missions give you more freedom for movement in which direction, or area you want to attack/progress to first. Around the maps, typically near areas of interest there will be some resources scattered for you to collect. Equipment that can be equipped to your heroes for subsequent missions can also be found on that map. 

It’s There and It Helps

The resources you pick up are used for building of defences which are limited to the distance from the “Workshop” that you’ll find/capture. The other resource you find (gold) can be used to make units when you capture/find “Replenishing Camps”, which also regenerates your squad’s Fortitude, Health and also the units that the squad may have lost. If you lost a whole squad (except heroes). You can spend the gold to buy another squad as a replacement.

Tell Me More

Visually The Valiant is a really good looking game, smoke billows when buildings crumble, embers fly/glow & fire slowly engulfs burning buildings. The audio is on par with high standard with the voice acting playing a major role delivering a predictable story (at times) but with such interest and meaningful way to make players care. 

What Was I Doing?

Roughness does exist at certain parts, after when you use a squad’s ability on an enemy, your squad will stop attacking the enemy even though they are within arm’s reach. As pretty as the game is, when there’s a cutscene for dialogue within missions, up close the animations and models look iffy.

Final Thoughts

For what it sets out to do, delivering an RTS focusing on Tactics and team abilities to turn the tide of the battle, without much emphasis on base building or the micromanaging that it requires, The Valiant does it respectably well. There’s indeed skill to the craft that is apparent here that is at the forefront, just don’t expect an in-depth RTS where a small mistake could crumble an empire as that’s not what it’s going for. The Valiant is a narrative driven RTS, requiring some skill and understanding in terms of managing tactics & abilities that doesn’t require prior understanding to experience and enjoy.

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