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Super Bullet Break Review – Slay the Spire but with Waifus? What’s not to love!

Super Bullet Break is a single player deck building roguelike where you collect anime girls to save the gaming world developed by BeXide and published by PQube.

The story follows three anime girl gamers as they investigate online games that have mysteriously been broken and modded, to be honest the story is very forgettable and just feels like a silly excuse to collect “Pokegirls” of various designs, there are your cute anime girls, demon cat girls and girls that are a few pixels shy of hentai girls, despite the obvious sexualization of these characters that borders “lewd” the art in Super Bullet Break is fantastic, the attention to detail in their poses, their bright colorful intricate outfits and their in your face massive breasts. You don’t get just unique sexy cute art for each character, they all have their own backstories, abilities and Japanese voice overs, these were a real treat that enhances from your basic collecting game to a gathering of fine anime waifus.

Gameplay-wise it’s a fairly standard deck builder, it has a variety of cards for different offence and defense abilities and you’ll have to switch that up based on the enemies, similar to other roguelike deckbuilders the map is made up of three levels and at the end of each level there’s a boss with the third level being the final boss, you encounter other bosses and enemies on your way to the end of the level many of which you can avoid some of which you cannot, these levels are divided into winding paths you can choose from many of which intersect with one another as you traverse the level you can pick your route depending on whether you need more items or to take a quick snooze in order to gain some health.

You can play Super Bullet Break using mouse or controller but I went with controller mostly because it was already plugged in and I was lazy but I can confirm that both options are good. In terms of difficulty I would say that it depends on your experience with the deck building genre as well as your patience to find out what everything means on your own because the game will not tell you, my first few runs in this game were a beautiful chaotic mess of anime girls shrieking into my headphones as they attack slime monsters fellow anime girls, I didn’t mind this chaos because the gameplay style can be fairly addictive and I love me some pretty anime girl art but once I started dying to bosses over and over because I had no strategy, the lack of a tutorial at any point in the game became very clear to me that the game does not hold your hand or even acknowledge its existence so get ready to trial and error and repeat. The game ran with no issues on my PC, the music is cavity inducing anime sweetness that sounds like every shoujo you’ve ever seen which is a compliment because shoujo animes have the best music, who doesn’t love a bubbly twinkly beat like eating cotton candy with your ears.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Super Bullet Break based on first impressions, if you like this type of art, the deckbuilding roguelike genre and some awesome fan service, I do recommend picking this one up.

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