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House Builder Review

House Builder is like any simulator game out there in the market. In this simulation game, you are tasked to follow a blueprint in order to build different kind of houses.

Throughout my gameplay, I’ve been able to build an igloo, house made from mud, cabin and a Japanese tea house. In each houses, I’ve learned different techniques how to build them. As usual, with any kind of work, you start off with the basics. The first few tasks are done one at a time. This can be tedious I know, but as you keep doing these tasks, you get to unlock upgrades which will further haste your work. At the beginning you only receive one long log from cutting a tree. Through upgrades, you will eventually receive a total of three logs just by cutting down one tree.

The setting for each stages are done beautifully. I find myself admiring the scenery and exploring them first before going to work. The tools, workshops and materials needed are laid out near the house that you’re supposed to build. If by any chance that you ran out of materials or misplaced some tools, there is a shop that you can bring up and buy from them using coins that you’ve earned by building.

Unfortunately, you can’t stray away from the blueprint and make your own adjustments in the house you built other than a few decorations that you can add in the end. This means you’re pretty much stuck with how the look of your house once you are done. I didn’t experience any major issues in regards with the graphics. However I do want to point out that even though the motion blur is already turned off, I still see some kind of parts of it when moving the camera too fast.

Overall, I enjoyed this game more than I expected to. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been playing until I showed me the time it took to finish the house.

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