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Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Review

Crypto is back in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed, in this title you play as crypto ten years after the events of the first game as he enters the swinging 60s, his joy partying and chatting it up with women is cut short by the arrival of the KGB who are intending to use parts of Furon technology for their own gain however the alien is not alone in his quest to take over the human race as he’s helped by a rebellious KGB operative whom Crypto becomes increasingly obsessed over much to her disgust.

Destroy All Humans 2 has two types of gameplay, as you cross the semi-open world areas firstly you play as Crypto on the ground to take on missions but you’ll also have to avoid being spotted by humans, luckily you can utilize a jet pack to reach mission locations, when a human spots you it raises awareness which has four different levels that cause groups such as police and eventually the military to arrive. Another option to navigate the world unnoticed is to use the ability to body snatch a nearby human however you cannot scan human minds to recharge this disguised limit unlike in the first game so you have to be quick when using a disguise, regardless you can still read humans minds to hear funny dialogue and gather information about the mission, you can also call the police to bring in more of them from a nearby phone booth or tell them that the area is safe to lower the awareness meter or you can just prank call them if you want.

Crypto’s abilities have been improved since the last installment where you can now fling suspecting humans at a great distance thanks to improved physics and you’re able to carry objects and people around with you and slam them into other people or vehicles, your ray gun also has new abilities to unlock such as conjuring up meteors or dislocating cars to fling them miles away and crash them on anyone nearby, as you complete missions you’ll be given points used to upgrade your abilities, the dash ability has also returned from the previous remake that you can use from the start instead of unlocking it allowing you to skate across the map and make quick getaways from humans trying to shoot you. Missions in the game are similar to the first remake where you must sneak into private government facilities to find more information about the KGB’s plot or find someone important to the mission, some missions require you to disguise yourself as a human to reach and talk to someone important such as disguising yourself as a hippie to speak to another hippie, talking to someone will give you dialogue choices some will lead you closer to finishing the missions and some can cause Crypto to say a hilarious line to anger the person.

Riding in Crypto saucer allows you to blow up buildings and deal with government and military vehicles trying to kill you, if you’re worried about your saucer running out of health you can absorb energy all around you to raise the saucers HP, you’re also given the option to upgrade your saucer before boarding it or give it customizable skins, similarly Crypto has a wide range of skins that you can equip. Unlike the previous game which has you traveling across the US, you can now fly around the UK, Japan and Russia. For those worried about the music being replaced like the first destroy all human remake well you’ll be happy to know that the soundtrack has returned without many changes, the remake also includes three new multiplayer modes such as co-op with another player locally through split screen, a tennis mode where you can use Crypto’s abilities to play fun tennis like games and finally a duel mode against another player.

Destroy All Humans 2! Reprobed is a stellar remake of a beloved classic as you deal with the KGB, hippies and strange humans alike, there’s nothing quite as entertaining as watching Crypto continue his crusade to destroy all humans and become ruler of planet Earth.

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