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Let’s Puzzle Review

As far as jigsaw games go, they are typically very simple and thrown together, with only a handful of images to put together. I think it is fair to say that most of the time, you can finish any jigsaw game in a matter of an hour or so, but Let’s Puzzle has really ascended jigsaw games to the next level. Although, not perfect, I do feel this title hits pretty close to the mark.

Aesthetically, this title leaves little to be desired. They hit the mark pretty much in every way with the visuals. Your images are all very great quality, the user interface is very well done even providing the user options to alter the background so it does not interfere with the imagery of the puzzle that’s active. Zooming in and out has even been added in to really get in there to check those small details. There is options to save mid-puzzle and to review the image of the puzzle your actively working on. As the HUD goes, it’s all here.

Let’s Puzzle is exactly what it sounds like with not much more to it, but once you begin playing you see immediately that there is something a little different here. The developer really appeared to take their time here and made a very solid experience for the jigsaw enthusiast.

Your art pieces that you choose from for your puzzle of choice have a really nice range. You go from nature oriented images such as mountains and streams, to even choices like an artistically multicolored cat. Their choices for images to put in the game really gave the player lots of options for creating a very ranged experience to keep you busy for hours to come.

Not only is the core game fantastically done, the next level was achieved. There is even multiplayer here. Never in all of my years have I seen a jigsaw title throw in multiplayer before. Honestly, that is something I never really even considered myself, but what an absolutely grand idea that was for a game like this. To be able to sit and just do a calming activity while catching up to a buddy is something we all need from time to time.

There is another feature that was added here that really drove this home as a great experience, and that feature was giving us the chance to add our own image into the game for a jigsaw puzzle. Holy cow! How this opens up the floodgates of value is undeniable. What makes it even better is that it works so easily. The addition of a user image is very straight forward.

Unlike other puzzle games I have played, Let’s Puzzle also presented the option for piece quantity. Running through all the puzzles one time is no longer all you have to do. You can do 50 piece puzzles up to 2000. Mix this with the fact that you can add your own pictures makes this game the only jigsaw game you will ever need.

Let’s Puzzle only has one problem in my eyes that would be a nice feature to add in the future. Give the players the choice to add in piece flipping so the pieces are not always laid out in the correct way. As it stands currently, you load a puzzle and it breaks apart in the pieces around the playing field for you. At this point the player can go around looking for all the edge pieces and pretty easily put them where they go because if the piece has a flat edge on the bottom, it will always be a bottom edge piece. The same applies for any edge. There is no mystery or discovery in this phase where a piece goes. In no way is this a deal breaker or anything, but adding it so you could rotate the pieces would be another layer of replay-ability the player could opt into if it were made a select-able option.

Let’s Puzzle is definitely a game I would suggest to any puzzle enthusiast. There is so much to do here and so much value that you cannot deny.

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