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Sunday Gold Review

Sunday Gold is a point-and-click adventure RPG set in a dystopian future London that follows a turn-based system developed by BKOM Studios and published by Team 17.

There are three main gameplay loops in Sunday Gold, the first is a point-and-click adventure style heist where every action like picking a lock, hacking a computer or doing some heavy lifting to access hidden areas will cost action points, the only way to recover action points are to either use limited consumables like stimulants or to pass time which if done too often will increase the enemy’s alert levels and if your alert levels get too high then you’ll need to get ready to engage in combat. The turn-based combat in Sunday Gold is pretty straightforward and each character has a sufficient variety of skills and equipment to allow different builds and strategies, the skills that you learn can also benefit your lock picking, hacking and investigation actions outside of combat. The combat and RPG elements are nothing new nor groundbreaking, but it certainly adds a nice layer of complexity over the point and click gameplay.

In between heists you get to regroup and have conversations with your party members at the pub, opening up new dialogue branches and potential side quests. The voice actors bring the team to life in every scripted line, the rumbling growl of Frank’s biting cynicism, Sally’s soothing drawl of easy confidence and Gavin’s shaky nervous whine of concern. Sunday gold is visually stunning, the comic art style emphasizes narrative actions, character profiles shift with their emotions, twitching eyebrows and grimacing snarls, extended conversations between characters cut to close-ups in a cell-like comic layout, their surroundings disappear as the crew is absorbed in their conversation, these style elements perfectly complement the narrative structure of the game itself.

Sunday Gold is first and foremost a story driven experience but with additional layers of complexity that give a certain degree of influence over the overarching storyline. The game may not have a hundred different endings, but handful of crucial branching choices was more than enough for me, not to mention it is some of the most well-written characters and dialogue I have seen this year. The sometimes-frustrating puzzle and investigation format in point-and-click adventure games released in the past decade hasn’t changed much. Thankfully, many of Sunday Gold’s clues and puzzles are given to you in an immersive way either through observing details within the environment, reading and discovering important information through a hacked email or by eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation.

Overall, this intertwining of storytelling together with the additional layers of combat, stealth and RPG mechanics made what would have otherwise been just an outdated point and click genre entry feel extremely intuitive and fun I would recommend fans of point and click adventures as well as story driven turn-based RPGs to give Sunday Gold a try.

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