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Every new Silent Hill project announced, including the Silent Hill 2 remake


After years of rumours and leaks, including by Konami themselves earlier today, we finally have official confirmation of future Silent Hill games. The Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team is real! The developers of Observation are making a new Silent Hill game! There’s a third new game called Silent Hill f! Step below for the full list of what’s kicking off in that foggy town.

Silent Hill 2 is being remade by Bloober Team

Tonight’s livestream started with a trailer for the long-rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team, the developers of Layers Of Fear. The trailer focused on cutscenes, but there was lots of footage including characters and locations from the original game. It’s running on Unreal Engine 5, and it’s a PlayStation 5 console exclusive but also confirmed as coming to PC.

There was chat with some of the developers of Bloober Team, who talked about wanting to modernise the original. They say that’s why the remake will have an over-the-shoulder camera, although it otherwise seems faithful to the original world and story. There’s a Steam page live for the remake now.

Silent Hill: Townfall is a new game from the makers of Observation

Silent Hill: Townfall is a brand new game set in the world of Silent Hill. It’s being published by Annapurna, and developed by No Code, the makers of Stories Untold and Observation. There was an evocative trailer with a creepy voiceover, but no real glimpse of the game itself. No Code’s Jon McKellan suggested they were just at the start of the development process.

Return To Silent Hill is a sequel to the 2006 movie

Director Christophe Gans has spoken previously about his desire to make a a sequel to his 2006 Silent Hill film. During the stream, we got confirmation of the project, with Gans and the producers talking about the project, which is explicitly based on the Silent Hill 2 game. (It seems likely the cheaper 2012 movie sequel is being ignored.)

The segment included some storyboards for the movie, but Konami representatives said that filming and casting are still in progress, so it’s likely a long way off.

Silent Hill: Ascension is an “interactive video streaming experience”

Described as “a new kind of Silent Hill”, Silent Hill: Ascension is being developed by Genvid, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot, and Dead By Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive. Genvid seem like the most important of the bunch: they produce what they call “Massively Interactive Live Events”, or MILEs. These are livestreamed interactive stories, where the audience watching can affect the story and world… somehow. Honestly, this was the vaguest of the announcements, but at least it wasn’t a mobile game or an NFT thing.

Silent Hill f, a new 1960s-set horror game

The stream ended with one final game announcement. This was the most striking trailer of the bunch, with a young Japanese school girl being transported to a dreamworld, plants growing from her skin, and then her whole face peeling off. There was no followup developer chatter about it, though, and no in-game footage. We do know that it’s a brand new story set in 1960’s Japan and a “beautiful, yet horrifying world.”

Former Nintendo producer Motoi Okamoto is attached, and psuedonymous Japanese writer Ryukishi07 is penning the story. The development studio is NeoBards Entertainment, who have previously worked with Capcom and Square Enix as co-developer on various projects, including the Resident Evil remakes.

So all-in-all, that’s one remake, two new games, a digital interactive experience, and a movie sequel. (There was also a bunch of merchandise, but you can check the full archive stream above for that). Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake seems like the most advanced project, though still seemingly a ways off. Either way, Silent Hill is definitely a thing again – and so is Konami actually doing things with the game series they control.

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