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Green Hell VR Review

Green Hell VR is an incredibly immersive virtual reality survival game, those familiar with the original game of Green Hell will no doubt be able to imagine how challenging and entertaining this game can be in VR! Keep in mind that this is not your typical VR port, it is a port done right!

Green Hell VR has amazing graphics that can mesmerize you in the environment especially if you have good hardware, though the game is quite resource hungry so if you have a mediocre setup and want high graphics settings, you may experience some lag. The game has day and night cycles, live and breathe close to the awe-inspiring rainforest in this adrenaline-fueled VR adventure. The game has a survival mode and a story mode, Green Hell VR invites you to really immerse yourself in it, but it is still recommended to play the story mode before you throw yourself into the survival mode.

In story mode, you take on the role of Doctor Jake Higgins, an anthropologist who has been studying the Amazon for the past three years. Mia, his wife, who is also present will leave shortly after the start for a local tribe to observe them carefully, when it becomes clear that her safety is no longer guaranteed you as Jake will have to go to where she should be present, throughout the gameplay, the game will teach you all the necessary steps and basic functions so that you can explore and trade independently with the objects that are available fairly soon after the start.

Memorize landmarks to avoid getting lost in the deep jungle, learn to distinguish poisonous plants from plants that can save your life, watch where you step because you are always meters away from deadly dangers! Just like when exploring food you will always have to be on guard and be prepared for any poisoning so that you can quickly undo this, it will also make it ‘easy’ to find out which wild foods are edible and nutritious. The original game was difficult and had a really good difficulty curve, but VR really makes you feel like you are learning how to survive in the jungle. The interactions with the items like throwing a spear, crafting, and especially starting a fire feel great.

During my short playthrough, I did encounter a couple of bugs but nothing game breaking, considering it released recently, I’m sure the devs are working towards squashing all the bugs. Overall, I highly recommend Green Hell VR, it’s such an immersive experience, visually impressive and I believe it’s one of if not the best survival VR game out right now which will surely please any fans of the genre.

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