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Delta Zero Review

If you’ve played Mega Man (and hopefully are good at it), you’ll be right at home with the level design and controls of Delta Zero. The music is a throw back to the 80s, and everything about this game screams Mega Man X.

The tutorial is really well done. You start off as a broken down robot emerging from a trash heap. As you progress through the intro, your parts are replaced one by one. You’re also given instructions how to use each of these, with the last upgrade being your armor. Once you’ve chosen your gear, you’re left to your own devices with not another bit of assistance.

While not quite as seamless as the titles that inspired it, the controls are for the most part smooth and responsive. My only struggle was wall jumping. Sometimes I struggled to jump large gaps off of walls, which got frustrating. The enemies are fun to fight against, and telegraph their attacks enough that it felt like each fight was fair. Some being a bit relentless, I was forced to combat some using only a special weapon with limited ammo (I’m looking at you, electric metal bats!).

I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the environmental obstacles though. It got to a point where there were so many it became annoying. There are different levels, or zones, that are depicted by their color scheme. Like a true metroidvania, you’re given immediate access to a large portion of the map, regardless of your preparedness. Unfortunately, there are so many divergent areas that a clear path to beating them can be hard to find.

I have to mention it again, because they are so alike. If you enjoyed Mega Man, or more appropriately its X series of sequels, you should enjoy Delta Zero and I would recommend it without hesitation. Ultimately its evokes memories of its predecessors better than I expected. If you’re new to action platformers the difficulty here can be daunting, so be sure you’re up for the challenge before diving in.

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