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Stellar Warfare Review

Stellar Warfare is an early access RTS tactics game that is set in outer space. Here you build your base, collect resources, and clash with other bases in grand battles.

Gameplay wise, there are several game modes to play within the game from singleplayer battles and wave defences to multiplayer skirmishes with other people. There is even a battle royale mode which is quite interesting to try out in this niche genre. Though since it is a rather new game that is in early access, the playerbase is not too large currently. So, if you want to play with other people, the best bet would be with friends or perhaps a discord group. The modes themselves that I have tried out such as the standard skirmish and wave defence was enjoyable, with the game being accessible and easy to get the hang of and play after some time. The RTS portion is fun as there are a lot of different ships and structures all with their own needs and uses, from focusing on collecting resource to attack or defence. Initially it may take a bit of getting use to, with there being a lot to take in in terms of management and how to control everything. But once that is sorted, it is an entertaining time and can be a time sink. There is also a fleet editor section where you can design the ships to use ingame, which is delightful addition.

Visually, it does look quite lovely with the view of the vast open space and the bases, structures, and ships. It is especially appealing as you view the ships that are sent out from each other’s base towards one another. The open space itself can also make for some cool screenshots. There is also a nice cinematic mode ingame that focuses on a unit and the task that it performs. This is great to use when they are in battle.

Audio and music are another positive addition, with there being some quality action music that goes well with the gameplay that is happening. Controls as mentioned a bit earlier is decent to play with, using keyboard and mouse. It may take a bit of getting used to and learn as the tutorial is decent since it just lists some keys to use and what it does, though doesn’t go step by step.

Pricing of the game is ok. It may be slightly steep for some and hasn’t gone on sale yet since release. But for those that are into RTS or space games, it is worth the price for what the game has in its current state. With it being in early access, it should also improve with new additions and updates to the game. Overall, this is an enjoyable game with some innovative gameplay with the battle royale mode in an RTS game, and it is accompanied with lovely visuals and music. The game is worth checking out if you’re into the genre.

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