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Mira’s Brush Review

Mira’s Brush is a colorful take on the side-scrolling pixel-art platforming genre, a genre that defined early video games and has persisted through the years. The basic idea is that all the color has been stolen from Chromaland which is now greyscale and it is up to Mira and her brush to restore color. You can steal colors and paint and do a host of different shapes and colors to defeat or blend enemies. Sadly it is marred by clunky gameplay and tutorial and clunky menus. 

The platforming aspect of the game is pretty icy and takes some frustrating moments getting used to. I found it difficult to jump high enough sometimes and it really takes more technique to get on to stuff but it is manageable, but it should be like 10% higher. The tutorial floating text is terribly placed and floats off screen and is difficult to see. Sometimes matching enemies to the background does not work. 

Graphically the game is very bright and the pixel art has a very well done simplistic design. The graphics might be the greatest aspect of the game in its given state. The menus are difficult to navigate with a keyboard, there are no instinctive elements. The audio/graphic settings are lacking severely, you can’t even mute sounds in the game if you wanted, the sliders are gimped to stop before 0. I think that’s an interesting choice, I’m sure that will change. You pretty much need to use a controller. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the graphics, the soundtrack slaps, interesting premise and I love the game design theory here. But it needs to be severely refined to meet the standards it’s seeking to attain. This game has a massive potential to be great, but as of this moment I cannot recommend it but I truly want to. Hopefully some things change with the full release.

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