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A Tale For Anna Review

A Tale for Anna is a charming hidden object and puzzle game about a young sorceress named Anna. The story unfolds with an evil queen seeking to steal Anna’s magical powers and in doing so, kidnaps her talking cat companion Tails. Anna then goes on her journey to rescue Tails and stop the queen from her evil plans.

The game is a combination of hidden object and puzzles as you go from location to location within the levels to find pieces that are hidden within the background. The hidden object aspect is rather well done as the objects tend to be linked to one another where they may be scattered among multiple areas and finding certain ones are needed for accessing where others are. For example, one area is a wishing well which has a puzzle and objects inside it but in order to get to there, some objects are required beforehand and so on. It can be a bit challenging at times with some pieces being harder to find, though there are hints that pop up to help you progress when struggling.

The puzzle minigames which includes various kinds such as jigsaw puzzles, tile puzzles, connecting rope puzzles etc. Though these can be skipped after a certain amount of time have been spent on them.

Visuals lean towards a children’s game kind of look with the cute fairy tale theme. Though being an adult, I do still enjoy the look of the game especially the background of the areas that encountered as they are well-detailed. The colours and designs are also well done with lots of interesting fantasy elements to face and experience. Along with this are some beautiful fairy tale music that plays throughout with tunes ranging between being calming during the hidden object portion to more dramatic when there is more action in some of the cutscenes.

The price isn’t too expensive and is worth it for the few hours of content that it offers. Time to finish varies depending on the person as some people may be better than others at this kind of game. Though there are a few hours of content overall with lots of areas to explore and objects to find. There are plenty of hidden object games on steam, but this is one that is noteworthy, with it having a neat fairy tale story, and well done and entertaining hidden object aspect.

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