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Noble Fates Review

Given a clean slate world, you and a few companions immediately find yourselves in a world full of opportunity in this fun little RTS survival/world building game. After a fairly short intro, you will receive the option to select a character who will be your ruler. Each characters comes equipped with pros and cons to keep the adventure interesting and every changing even if just in a slightly different way. Unfortunately, one of the four companions will not wish to follow and will leave. There is an interesting choice that you get to make here that can have effects on your world.

Considering the choice you make with your fourth companion, you will have many choices similar to make that can shape your world in interesting ways that really can create interesting dynamics to the factions that form. As your adventure moves forward, visitors will come and go, some requiring things of you and your choices to help or make friends can impact your world greatly as new leaders show up across the world.

As a person who is not actually a big fan of RTS styled titles, these dynamics really impressed me and kept the world interesting. Of course like most RTS games, you will be using your town folk to gather materials, craft and build to expand your colony. When visitors come to your colony, if you go out of your way with them, you can even make good enough friends with people to convince them to join you. More hands on deck really can incredibly increase your capabilities with progression, which is of course the name of the game.

Housing building mechanics in Noble Fates has a bunch of really cool features that give elements of interest with your team. Door locks is such an example worthy of mention as it just goes to show that security really can become a very necessary tool to keep your mind on as you build your kingdom. However, we cannot have it as easy as simply clicking a door and getting it. We have to train our villagers to learn skills such as this, so each of your team really starts to have tons of value in their own ways really boosting your need for them and the care you will want to put into them to keep them alive and loving your leader.

Although the game-play is really interesting, to some folks the graphical side of this title may be off-putting. For myself, looking past graphics that aren’t exactly AAA quality comes easy, as game-play comes first in my book. From a game-play perspective, Noble Fates has tons to offer, with only slightly having oddities in the controls that I sometimes struggled with. Primarily, the issue I ran into was getting my villagers to do specific tasks I wanted a specific person to do. I simply remedied this by selecting the person and individually instructed jobs. To some, this may seem obvious, but as a person who doesn’t play much RTS, this felt like a struggle.

Despite the very minor hurdles, this game is shaping up to be a real blast to play. Even just exploring the world and building really gives me Minecraft vibes where I just find myself wanting to explore around build stuff, but with the threat of enemies all around really brings a very dangerous feeling to the world, which is welcome. These types of elements in games can really help the would feel alive.

Noble Fates really is a game that has tons of promise and one I would say you shouldn’t just pass up. Yes it may not be very pretty, but it makes up for it in so many ways. I honestly hope this game keeps growing and having more added on to it in the future as what we already have is great, so it can only get better.

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