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MX vs ATV Legends Review

MX vs ATV Legends (Legends) is an arcade style offroad motorcycle/4-wheel ATV driving game with a large amount of outdoor terrain to tear through, jump over, or crash into. On an Nvidia 3080 the graphics are beautiful and the game maintains a high FPS. The physics are there, but on medium difficulty at least, the physics are very forgiving. Alas, all is not well though. Legends is published by THQ, a premier game publisher, and it appears that Legends was released in an incomplete state.

Upon starting, Legends present the player with the option to play the game with or without Steam support and also to play in VR. VR flat out doesn’t work, not with Vive or Vive Pro, anyway. Some video output in VR is achievable, however, the controllers don’t do anything, and several different SteamVR error messages pop up. Frequently the HMD would show one frozen graphic screen in the left eye and another in the right eye. Another major problem with Legends is the total inability to remap any of the keyboard or controller controls. Playing non-VR as a left-handed player and being forced to use WASD is galling. The game uses WASD for the acceleration and turning and keys like IJKL for leaning/pivoting. Also, QE are used in jumps, and probably some other keys, though there is no guide in the game for all of the various controls. It is incomprehensible to understand why Legends doesn’t support control remapping. There are several graphics quality options and the usual sound and music options. For game play settings, there are several options relating to control operations, and even some custom camera positioning.

Legends game play starts out by presenting the player with several tutorials. In fact, when the game is started, the player is dropped on a motorcycle with no introduction and is apparently supposed to know to drive somewhere. Getting used to the controls takes some time and expect to crash frequently in the beginning. As this is a sandbox game half the fun is performing insane jumps and stunts, and in this area, Legends delivers. Ride the trails and make jumps or go overland and ride right over a rocky cliff.

Legends also has a split screen mode, like as might be found at an arcade. In this mode, it is assumed that one player will have a controller and the other would be using the keyboard. Though it might be possible that two separate controllers would be used. Legends has bike upgrades and there are various ‘missions’ to undertake. There is a garage and various deadpan NPCs scattered across the map. Legends looks like a lot of fun, but there are a lot of headaches to playing it. Hopefully the developers will add in controller/keyboard controls remapping and fix the VR issues. In its current state, MX vs ATV Legends is not recommended, especially at full price.

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