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BOY BEATS WORLD is a rhythm based action adventure game with simple mechanics but enough going on that it adds a refreshing amount of depth to the gameplay. You have to dodge waves of enemies and their attacks as you attempt to free the remaining 6 humans alive in the world in a post-apocalyptic world where robots have taken over by battling them with the power of music.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new beats and new mechanics to use to enhance your gameplay and keep it refreshing, hitting actions on beat to dance, dodge, and damage enemies all while making sure you’re matching the tempo and staying alive. With a variety of different enemies and attack patterns between each new area, it feels rewarding and fun to progress through each zone, acquiring new abilities and songs while at it. In comparison to other action-rhythm games such as Crypt of the Necrodancer or Cadence of Hyrule, the game does not limit your movement or attacks as much. You’re free to move in whatever direction you wish, whenever you want, and dodge enemy attacks as skillfully as you want. While this leads to a less difficult experience, it’s a nice alternative to having to choose between running away and attacking, as kiting enemies and grouping up mobs of robots to attack them simultaneously is a great strategy when dealing with new enemies not yet encountered.

The difficulty isn’t too harsh on the player, your boombox Daisybell acts as a shield which can be recharged when picked up after being damaged, so if you’re skilled enough, you’ll be able to get through any fight without too much hassle. Although, you respawn at a previous checkpoint if you manage to die, a mechanic which I always welcome as it doesn’t punish the player too much for failing to beat an enemy. And for those new to the genre, the game even includes accessibility options, such as adding a visual beat indicator to make hitting those crisp beats just a little bit easier.

Boss fights are fairly challenging, with new mechanics and attacks opening up as you lower their healthbars, leading to interesting fights and surprises that might catch the player off guard, such as different laser patterns, summoning familiars and mobs to fight for them, or even detaching their own head to act as a separate enemy you’ll have to keep track of.

The graphics of the game are a simplistic pixel-based design, but the colours and styling add enough flair to keep it visually attractive and engaging to look at. The audio is absolutely fantastic, which should be expected from a rhythm based game. It’s responsive, providing great feedback for the player when they hit or miss beats, with a fantastic soundtrack and song list to pair along with it.

Overall, it’s a fairy challenging but enjoyable experience for any fan of rhythm-based gameplay, and possibly a nice entry-point for those who have not yet experienced a genre like this, while still wanting a fresh action-adventure type feel. I’m looking forward to what the developer has in store for the future, as this has been a fantastic first impression.

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