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Drifting : Weight of Feathers Review

As unique as a game comes, here we are with Drifting Weight of Feathers, which is a very stylish and interesting character action puzzle title. Sliding down and running on walls all while dodging rockets, bullets and grenades, you will be blasting and solving your way to the finish-line in each of the interesting stages.

Through most of the game you will find that the stage design is interesting enough, but is really the main meat of the game that is needing more love. However, I feel that the lack of expanse in design is easily given a pass by the intricate combat mechanics, which you will use to survive your way through each puzzle.

Despite the stages feeling a little bland, the graphical side of the game does not let you down. Truth may be in the fact that it is not on par of triple A titles exactly, but the visuals are definitely a step up from a large amount of indie level companies. With a little more polish and style in the world, this game could visually be top notch. All of this is only made better by the sound in Drifting : WoF. Every sound has a distinct personality that really lets the player know what is happening around them, which is a great touch for games in the character action genre.

However welcome customization would be, there is not much of it here beyond changing hair styles that you can find hidden and tucked away in the levels. The hairstyles are a welcome touch, but new costumes would be awesome to see as well.

Appeal for this title really is found in the very unique style of game-play you get. There is no doubt that I can say with certainty that I have never played a game like this. Most of the game you’re going to find yourself off the ground running the walls or flying through the air with your grappling hook and throwing your kunai. The mechanics here are fantastic and there is so much hope in my heart this game could potentially get larger funding to expand on the game we have here.

Combat like this is quite interesting while you’re trying to fight a airship or a tank, while dodging, sliding and slinging rockets back at your foe. It is pretty fun blasting the foot soldiers to break their shield, and slinging them across the room, which is yet another great feature of the grappling hook beyond getting around.

Engaging as the combat is, I do feel the need to stress that this game’s combat is more so secondary though to solving the puzzles. Providing the wrong idea isn’t want I want to do here as I gush on how fun the combat can be, but more so how they used that to assist in making the puzzles even more fun. Drifting Weight of Feathers is still more-so a puzzle game first. Games of character action genres where you enter a room, fight waves and progress are different from this. In most rooms, the enemies will keep respawning as they are often used as tools for solving the puzzles. With this in mind, the combat is more-so secondary to puzzle solving.

Drifting : WoF is really a title I would love to see get tons of love, as it deserves it. When developers try something new and succeed I feel it needs to be rewarded, so I will be suggesting this game to everyone as a must try. This game is by no means perfect and has a few flaws, but it is still a great experience and hopefully a powerful leapfrog for this developer into a much larger future.

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