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Lawnmower Game: Racing Review

The time it took to write this review more than likely took longer than it took to get 100% in the game’s achievements. Does that mean it’s bad? Kind of, I mean, YES! This is a half baked low effort game with only 4 options of lawnmowers to race with, 26 tracks that only have one lap, and a repetitive soundtrack. I tried to enjoy it, but it became quickly apparent we are dealing with some early stage or amateur development and design. 

The game now seems like a rough iteration of a passion project. It seems like the courses get better as you go on, but they all kind of blend in general. Ramps and jumps seem like the perfect inclusion with this game but they are grossly underused. Some of the textures flicker and I can’t rationalize the placement of the floating sparkling, other than what I assume is meant to guide the player through the track, but is often weirdly placed. There is no pause screen or settings menu in the game. You get these options on the start menu: play, quit game, the options of 3 resolutions and a list of the tracks, that is it. 

The whole game could be massively enhanced with whackier physics, longer courses and multiple laps, variety and customization options, better soundtrack, power-ups, etc… I could think of ideas all day. The assets that the game uses are nice but everything is very rough overall, so it’s hard to see past the self driving player mowers with no hands on the steering wheels, or that every player is identical. It all just feels lazy. It blows me away that not even the racetracks have more than 1 lap.  

Yet, the only thing you can get pride with your money is… getting 100% achievements in under 30 minutes. The variety in tracks and assets makes me think they are doing something right, but not enough at all. There are areas where you get stuck or the game starts with other players upside down, not to mention if you flip and land upside down, you cant reset or flip over, just restart.

Not the absolute worst thing I have ever played, you can at least finish this game and struggle through it if you wish to play this regularly. This seems like an alpha stage game that could be good or great and for some toddler who just picked up a controller or keyboard, this might be amazing, but childs minds are still developing and growing and their sense of taste has yet to be refined. But in all seriousness there are too many glaring issues and terribly quick gameplay to recommend this to anyone who isn’t looking for a quick achievement grab. Nah.

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