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Dungeoneers Review

From the previews, I honestly didn’t expect much from the game. I initially thought that I’ll be playing this game only once and then move on. But boy was I wrong. Given that I had a rocky start, I gradually enjoy the game so much.

There are three characters to choose from: human swordsman, dwarven brawler and elven huntress. Each of them has their own unique skills and style of gameplay. You’ll be stuck using the swordsman until you’ve reach the sufficient level to unlock the other two. You have five dungeons that you can clear linearly, and each consists of a dragon that you need to slay at the end. In each map, there are drops that you can pick up to increase your chances of surviving. Once you’ve cleared all five of them, you are sent back to the start. The maps are procedurally generated each runs, so it doesn’t get repetitive too fast. The combat system is very straightforward. You click on the tiles to walk on it or you click on the enemies to use your sword or bow on them. During a combat, a dice is rolled for both the attacker and defender. Whoever rolled higher will successfully attack or defend. The game sounds way too dependent on RNG, right? Correct. But with the drops that you can pick up, you can have a higher dice roll. In addition, there are also magic scrolls that can help you turn the odds to your favor. I also have to note that this game is free to play in browser and you can continue your progress in either platform using a code.

Right away, the black borders on both sides are unpleasant to look at. This gives it a vibe of a cheap game. Tried checking the settings but couldn’t find anything about the resolution either. I wish there are achievements in this game. With it being a roguelike game, achievements would be a great way for sense of progress. Sure there are unlockable trinkets in the fame but I honestly feel that they are too small or too far away to achieve. Then lastly, there were numerous times that the monsters and the map doesn’t load fast enough or sometimes not at all. There was one instance that I had to play a map where the monsters are loaded, but the map is half-loaded.

Overall, I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves roguelike dungeon games. You’ll get plenty of playing hours this one, so you will get your money’s worth.

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