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Necroboy: Path to Evilship Review

NecroBoy: Path to Evilship is a charming puzzle game with Pikman/Overlord-like mechanics dealing with control of minions. I’ll admit that it didn’t take me long before I realized that this game was not for me. My short playtime is indicative of how it’s obvious that the game was tailored for another audience. I’ll try to be as objective here as possible and I’ll explain my reasoning for the negative review.


So the game begins with an exposition about our protagonist, Necroboy, with his origin story.
Basically he was abandoned in a forest in which he discovered his necromantic powers which the villagers feared. Now he seeks the powerful Necronoss, an artifact owned by the late Necromancer, in the crypts. You’ll get hints of Necroboy feeling like an outcast and wanting to prove himself as a powerful being.

The dialogue banter consists of back-and-forth bickering between Necroboy and his Lackey. Obvious from the start, Necroboy is the childish megalomaniac while the Lackey is the mature voice who’s ignored. I’m not saying that the writing is terrible, but it really feels like it was intended for an audience of children.


So this game plays pretty much like Pikman or Overlord in that you resurrect minions and control them to solve puzzles.

You have the ability to raise minions, freeze them, and shoot a bolt at objects to direct them.

I’ll be honest, the puzzles are extremely easy.
This is another reason why I think the game panders towards a younger audience.
The gist of what you’ll do is shoot at levers for minions to pull, walk through doors, repeat.

I got bored immediately once I realized that this was what the gameplay was.
Let me say that the gameplay works decently in that the minion pathing is well done and the ability to shoot what you want them to activate is cool in itself.

A couple of nitpicks I would say are:
*Camera sensitivity feels so awkward and low
*You cannot select one minion at a time, so you’d need to freeze all other minions to make sure only one moves.

Art & Sounds

I think the artstyle is rather charming in its cartoonish way.
It gives off that Halloween For Kids vibes that people may or may not enjoy.
This is emphasized further by its spooky Halloween music.


Okay so the game just seems to be made with children in mind. So what’s wrong with it?
Well I would’ve been much more lenient if the game did not cost $19.99 USD which is pretty steep for a game I’d buy for a 5th grader.

Simply put, I would only recommend this game if the price went down under $10 and if you wanted to give your kids something Halloween and easy.

If you really want to purchase Necroboy: Path to Evilship, then go to the Steam store page HERE!

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