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Tennis Manager 2024 Review – Ace or Fault?

“Tennis Manager 2024” brings an engaging and immersive experience to fans of sports management simulations, specifically within the realm of tennis. This latest installment in the series continues to build on its predecessors with some notable enhancements, but it also faces some criticisms, particularly from returning players.

Key Features and Gameplay

One of the standout aspects of “Tennis Manager 2024” is the depth of its management simulation. Players can create and develop their own tennis academy, delving into custom tournament creation, detailed player training, and comprehensive financial management. The addition of new stats, an enhanced user interface, and improved training plans tailored to both pre-season and tournaments adds significant depth to the gameplay.

The match engine has seen some graphical improvements, contributing to a more visually appealing experience. However, animations and ball physics still have room for refinement. The character movements and ball interactions sometimes feel disconnected, which can break the immersion for players.

Incremental Improvements

For those who played the previous versions, the changes in “Tennis Manager 2024” might feel incremental rather than revolutionary. While the new features add depth and improve the overall experience, they may not be enough to justify the full price of a new purchase for players who already own last year’s version. The game remains a solid choice for newcomers to the series, offering a comprehensive and enjoyable tennis management experience.

Areas for Improvement

Several areas in “Tennis Manager 2024” could benefit from further development:

  1. Variety in Presentation: The game would greatly benefit from more variety in player voices, crowd reactions, backgrounds, and overall sound design to enhance player immersion. The current presentation feels somewhat repetitive, with limited variation beyond court colors, skin tones, and equipment.
  2. Infrastructure and Facilities: The infrastructure aspect of the game feels underdeveloped. Most facilities do little beyond generating revenue or unlocking staff slots, missing the opportunity to add strategic depth and impact to player development.
  3. Player Emotions: The implementation of player emotions needs refinement. The current system feels arbitrary, with players’ morale and emotional states lacking clear and understandable impacts, making it challenging to manage effectively.
  4. User Interface: The main screen UI could be more intuitive. Navigating between training schedules, tournament registrations, and other management tasks can be confusing. Additionally, scheduling training often resets when players move between screens, which can be frustrating.

Addictive and Entertaining

Despite its flaws, “Tennis Manager 2024” manages to be highly addictive and entertaining. Watching your characters perform on the court, strategizing their training and match approaches, and seeing the results of your management decisions provides a satisfying gameplay loop. For tennis fans, the game offers a delightful pastime with enough depth to keep players engaged for hours.


“Tennis Manager 2024” is a robust and enjoyable addition to the sports management genre. It excels in providing a comprehensive management experience but falls short in some areas of polish and innovation. New players will find it a rewarding experience, while returning players might be left wanting more significant updates. The developers may need to consider a longer development cycle to deliver more substantial improvements in future releases.

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