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Hideaway is a first person solo or coop survival game for up to four players with the setting being a log cabin in the snowy woods. Immediately after starting a session the player(s) are presented with an info-graphic that suggests searching for a blue colored bottle in the cabin and throwing the bottle into the furnace. The graphic message then shows something like a monster sleeping and apparently stealing a skull from its belt and taking the skull to some sort of altar in the snow. It looks simple enough.

During my first attempt solo, I found the bottle sitting on a table and threw it into the furnace. The scene changes showing the smoke coming out of the chimney, apparently meaning that somewhere outside there should be a sleeping monster. I wandered in the snow towards lights and came across what I believed to be the altar from the info-graphic. I interacted with it, and the scene changed and a skull floated for a moment, then what appears to be the monster showed up and a moment later the session ended. I don’t really understand what happened.

Several subsequent attempts at replicating this feat were all failures, as the blue bottle was nowhere to be found. Not inside a cabinet, not on any table, not laying around on the porch outside. Wandering around outside slowly causes freezing which is displayed as an icy buildup. The monster will appear and drag the player off in some random direction, but this doesn’t kill the player. This appears to be the extent of the game.

The setting is certainly creepy and the graphics, lighting, and sound are fairly well done. The options include remapping of some, but not all of the controls. It would have been interesting to try this in a co-op setting, but nobody else had a game available to join. This game has some potential for players that enjoy the scare tactics used in Hideaway, but unfortunately the current state of the game is “pretty, but empty”. It doesn’t seem to crash, and that’s always a plus for any game billed as early access on Steam and displays that it is an alpha version in the game. Perhaps with more development there will be some depth brought to Hideaway, but for now it is not recommended.

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