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From Space Review

From Space is a top-down arcade shooter that does an insanely great job at allowing you to blow s#$t up. The game is balanced and playable solo and also allows for 4-player coop in case you want to invite your buddies to join you on your adventure to shoot up some slimey aliens. I went in mostly blind and had an absolute blast and couldn’t find a single fault or nuisance.

The story is simple, a meteor crashes on Earth and leaves remnants of pink shiny crystals scattered everywhere, an alien race invades Earth for these crystals and it’s your job, either alone or with friends, to pick a specialist (3 roles, 2 classes per role, totaling 6 classes/specialists) and fight through the horde, gather items and perks that can help you and get experience to unlock more things. All the while finding a variety of different guns that is sure to cater to every type of gamer. You’ll be running into a lot of side missions where you have to perform tasks for NPCs, whether it be clearing a dangerous area of aliens, helping an old man be reunited with his long lost love – his grog, or escorting NPCs to their destination. My favourite escort mission being an NPC that urgently needed to go to the toilet and requires your help to march through the alien infestations to reach the toilet which coincidentally has an assault rifle inside in case he needs to kill some aliens as he’s doing a #2.

The gameplay is smooth, the guns feel nice, the variety of aliens wasn’t plentiful during my time playing (Maybe 5-7 different aliens, bosses included). The ammo is plentiful and works under a simple mechanic of swap to your secondary weapon and get kills with it to get ammo drops for your primary weapon, there are also many ammo boxes that gradually respawn after some time. There are 4 ammo types to my knowledge, Normal Ammo (Yellow), Explosive Ammo (Red),Special Ammo (Blue) and Specialist Ammo (Purple). Normal ammo being ammo for normal guns such as a revolver, pistol, assault rifles. Explosive being for ammo such as double-barrel shotguns, pump shotguns. Special Ammo being for unique/support/utility weapons such as the goo gun, plasma gun, electric gun. And finally the Specialist Ammo, for the gun that is tailored for the specialist/class that you’re playing and is usually more scarce.

From Space also has a fun progression system where enemies drop a resource called Energy that you can collect over time, through kills, selling unwanted items or through quest rewards/boxes. You can consume this energy to upgrade your desired weapons and perks or buy new perks, weapons or equipment.

There are a lot of handy gadgets, items and traps that you can find around the map and can use. The inventory is required to be opened to swap through the gadgets and you can’t pause the game but I personally didn’t find these to be an inconvenience but of that, that is subjective and varies with each person. Some of the items you can use are a variety of grenades; toxic, electric, explosive. Traps such as mines/spiked mines or support items such as a deployable shield or a personal shield replenisher. There are also a lot of placeable obstacles/traps, such as barbed wire fences that stop aliens in their tracks, or the laser fence that obliterates enemies that pass through. The game is quite innovative with the arsenal of weapons and gadgets they have available and everybody is bound to love it.

From Space was an absolute blast of a game to play through. As I didn’t finish it just yet, I will be trying to get my friends to play it with me as we’re always looking for a good co-op game to play together. I’d recommend it highly, and if you for some reason don’t like it, there’s always the 2 hour refund window so you’ve got nothing to lose! Give it a shot and support indie developers such as Triangle Studios so that they can continue to make games like From Space!

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