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Move That Box! Review

Move that Box! is a puzzle-strategy game that encourages you to think outside the box. You’ll have to move boxes around to reach the door which will lead you to the next room, ultimately bringing you closer to the aliens that abducted your wife.

The game is simple to grasp and is perfect for anyone, even those who aren’t particularly into puzzles. The game has charming retro graphics and the main character himself funnily enough, looks like a crossover between a power ranger and an Among Us character.

The gameplay offers a relaxing experience with nice music that makes you feel like you’re on a mission, isn’t too loud or out of place. Brown boxes are movable and grey boxes aren’t movable or destructible, you cannot pull boxes, you can only push boxes. Sometimes the boxes are obstacles that just simply need to be moved, other times they’ll need to be pushed into missing floor blocks to fill the space so you can walk over them. Some levels also have bombs with pressure plates and you’ll have to think about when to detonate them, there are also ghosts that float through a predetermined path.

The greatest thing about my experience playing Move that Box! is that when I’m so incredibly close and realise where I went wrong, I laugh at myself for not figuring it out sooner. The levels themselves are cleverly designed and nothing felt out of place or frustrating to conquer.

The cherry on top was the surprise waiting for me at level 20, I spent a good chunk of time here and I have to say, the thought process and patience required for this level was well welcomed, it was a brilliantly designed level that took me multiple attempts and left me feeling incredibly rewarded.

I would say that this level was the most impactful and deservingly so, as it is the final level after all (at the time of me writing this review). I highly recommend this game, it was short, sweet and ended on a challenge that left me feeling accomplished.

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