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Size Matters Review

This game left me feeling like I had just participated in a new installment of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, however we shrunk ourselves! Size Matters is a fast paced puzzle game about the player being a scientist, whom is scrambling in their lab to reverse a chemical reaction that has you constantly shrinking. Initially, you may be thinking that it doesn’t sound like a twist that would have you in a panic, but you’d be wrong.

Although, there are sliders to adjust the challenge to your liking in several different way, which is a fantastic way of adding in more replay value, you also do have what I feel are the intended difficulties that are easy, medium and hard. With easy, I did find it pretty easy, but it was a great tutorial type experience. Normal had me worried I may not make it and hard mode had me outright failing.

Your goal to not shrink has you frantically searching the lab for base chemicals and little clipboards with clues. Not only that, but there are clues written on the whiteboards and things of this nature as well, so you have to be very clear with things in your environment to reference to. Once you have gathered your clues, you have to start figuring out where to start. At this point you’re probably already noticing a difference in your eye level and the panic begins as you try to craft the formula to save yourself.

Size Matters really does take a very interesting concept and bring it to life. Using your brain will be a must in this puzzle game, so if that’s how you like your puzzles then jump into the fun. This title is a for sure buy in my book and I will be suggesting this to all of my friends. Very well done game here. This is the type of game I really hope to see DLC for.

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