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Mighty Goose Review

Never would I have ever thought that a day would come when I would blow away bugs, skeletons, robots and all sorts of other evil creatures with a gun toting tough guy…goose. Mighty Goose is a game that really brings back a lot of similar feelings from my days of playing shooters like Metal Slug and Megaman X.

Much like the games of my past, Mighty Goose takes a very similar artistic approach with an updated appeal. The art direction in this title is very satisfying by keeping true to that old school pixel art, but with just enough new age resolution to keep it looking fresh. Not only the technical side of the art, but the asthetics of the scenery, effects and characters are all very satisfying. This is a very beautifully designed game filled with all sorts of fun things to see.

Of course, the main course to digest here is the gun play, which is incredibly fun. Mighty Goose in this regard also kept very true to the style of games like Metal Slug. Allowing the player to shoot in various directions allows for a very fun and varied approach to combat. A nice addition here is the kickback the guns provide while you’re in the air, which allow you to keep afloat while soaring through the air blasting anything caught under you.

As if what this title has provided isn’t enough, they go an extra step further with the addition of the armor and companion system. While you make your way through the game, you will unlock new abilities that each have a percentage cost of a finite amount you have to spend. From running faster to gaining a charge function on your gun, you have many options that can change your approach to handling your opposition. The companions are similar in the sense that they provide you with a buddy that, depending on what you choose will have a different ability attached to them.

This title is one of those games, I could see myself coming back to over and over again over the coarse of time. Mighty Goose is a fantastic game with some depth providing lots of replay value and is well worth your time. Go out there and get your honk on!

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