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Zombies and Keys Review

Zombies and Keys is as direct as you would expect from the title. Only 2 things truly matter here, the keys you need to find and pick up to get to the end of the level and the zombies, the obstacles who are preventing that, not purposefully but they just want that brain of yours regardless of what you want to achieve.

It’s Just That Easy

You’re a “strongman” in a zombie apocalypse, all you have are your fists, and street signs once a while and you need to find keys, to make your way through the end of the level. Once in a while you need to find gas canisters, or key cards or turn on switches to open up the way in order to progress through the level. The objectives through the different levels of the game are as simple as that.

Even though you’re a strongman, the zombies can still overwhelm you in numbers and even force you into a corner which could be the end of you. 


Graphically Zombies and Keys exudes in polish in its simplicity. Characters and environments in the game have a basic one or two colour to them, without any or much details on them which can be a detriment but is not the case here. 

Characters in the game move fluidly. Every punch you throw that lands or not translates well visually and auditory.

There’s a Will There’s a Way

Levels have a variation to them, some with their own obstacles and simple puzzles to “solve” in which is the best way to trim down the zombie numbers. Items and health are scattered and at times hidden within the levels are fair and generous, making progression in the game not much of a challenge especially early on. However it is still not a walk in the park as you only have 3 lives, losing all 3 will result in having to redo the level from the start.

Keeping it Simple

This game is an excellent example of keeping it simple from top to bottom and excelling in executing it. Visually it doesn’t need all the unnecessary details to make it a good looking game as its simplicity and how clean things are makes it a good looking game in its own style.

Final Thoughts

Zombies and Keys certainly showed that you don’t need high fidelity graphics or multiple gameplay mechanics or a 15 hour campaign to make a game enjoyable. Just come up with an idea, look and gameplay that is accessible enough and not complicated and polish it so well that it’ll be a gem in its own way.

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