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Entwined: The Perfect Murder Review

Entwined: The Perfect Murder is a hidden object mystery game where the player is a police detective investigating the murder of a local lawyer at his mansion. The story is a typical whodunit with a list of suspects that could all have a motive. E:TPM has the typical three modes; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These modes control how quickly the player can get a hint or completely skip a puzzle. The only control for the game is the mouse, it is all point and click.

The story in E:TPM is a little more engaging than many similar hidden object games, with more dialog than average. As is typical of many of these games, the dialog is somewhat broken English. That artwork is passable; mostly hand drawn, but with some scenes that look oddly photorealistic.

The puzzles are the standard fare, but there are a few that are different. One different style was a fingerprint location subgame that is reused a couple of times and finding every last finger print is a challenge. Solving the “find a list of objects” puzzles are as expected, however, many of the game locations where this takes place are reused several times. The logic puzzles are all fairly easy to solve, with a few being mildly challenging. There are a few chokepoints where a player would have to be on a mind-altering substance to come up with the correct solution without using a hint. These are things like the player possessing an object that does something, somewhere, but having no idea at all what it’s use is supposed to be.

E:TPM is a challenging, if cartoonish hidden object game, with a decent story. The vast majority of players would need to use hints; it is unlikely that the advanced mode is possible to do, due to a few of the choke points (at least not without shot-gunning every scene with clicks on every screen location). It’s recommended for hidden object lovers and is also a good start into the genre because of the smaller setting.

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