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Redhot Rabbit Review

Redhot Rabbit is a stomping lovin’ carrot shootin’ Jazz Rabbit who is out to reclaim his lost turf that was taken over by some goons by taking them out one by one till he reaches the top, literally and then back down again to fight the boss and set him straight.

God Mode

In Redhot Rabbit you’ll fight through countless enemies on a side -scrolling plane by either stomping (jumping on them) or shooting carrots at them. Collect Hearts for lives (which are abundant) so you won’t die so easily and collect carrots for ammo. As the game progresses, your jumps will increase in height which will make it easier to jump across far off ledges and higher platforms.

Which Way Is Up?

Gameplay-wise that’s just about it and is simple to understand without much instructions and there is a sparse of it in here. Which makes knowing what to do a little confusing at certain times, notably the Tunnel area where there’s a cycle of cars driving towards you almost nonstop. Took me a little while to figure out how to progress after clearing the area of goons.

Good Ol’ Times

Artstyle, audio and general feel to the game is what makes it for me. The music is a throwback to the charming 1920’s music which helps set the tone of the game well. Akin to cartoons in the early days, enemies are wacky and silly looking with some basic moves to them which makes the game rather easy. So progression won’t be the issue here as it is possible to just stomp on enemies until what I think is the final boss. That’s when all the carrots you’ve saved up will come to good use.

Not-Stop Hits

As the gameplay is simple, that’s where you can feel the shortcomings come once in a while. Hitboxes feel a bit off, it’s noticeable when fighting the big tall boss, his hits seem to reach further than what you expect and his attacks remind you of the first time you play a fighting game, Spammy McSpam a lot. You can find yourself stuck or clipped into things or enemies when you’re in a corner. That double jump sometimes either doesn’t carry you far enough or somehow carry you further than you’d expect. Your movements feel floaty which can be a benefit at times.

Final Thoughts

For what it is Redhot Rabbit is a decent game with some style in terms of its atmosphere and what it is trying to be. Sure there’s some jankiness to it but in all it doesn’t affect much to the point of frustration as the game is lenient that it throws tons of lives and ammo at you. It’s just so reminiscent of the past in an over the top & silly manner that you rarely expect what is going to happen, where you’re going next which makes it interesting.

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