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10th Corpse Review

As a detective selected to investigate a potential upcoming murder, you come to a mansion ready to solve the case. Upon your arrival, you are met with several people who could be potential suspects that you must keep an eye on. Of course quite rapidly you learn that there is much more to this house than it would appear.

The house’s odd connection to puzzles is how this game really incorporates the games into the story. With every step of your investigation of a mysterious letter, you will have to solve puzzles of varied styles to move forward. You will be put in charge of solving match 3, hidden object, tile matching and Dr Mario styled puzzles from several different characters all with different purposes of solving said puzzles.

Although the game’s story feels more like an elaborate excuse to make you do puzzles, which is fine it also serves as a source of light comedy. The story line in 10th Corpse does not take itself serious hardly at all. The characters and purposes here are very silly, but also the story at times seems to be very serious. Admittedly, this roller coaster ride of ups and downs with the story makes it feel very odd and almost like it doesn’t know what it wants to do at times.

Setting out to have the player do puzzles is the ultimate goal here, and the game does well at that. There are also no shortage of puzzles here. I would say the average player should have hours worth of content to move through with this game, so you are going to get your money’s worth. I do have fun playing 10th Corpse, but there is one issue I do have. When I play the puzzles, I do not have a sense of satisfaction once it is completed due to there seeming to be no real way to lose. If losing a puzzle is possible then the game is insanely generous with how difficult the game is to actually lose at. Personally, I would like it much better if you had some stipulation on success.

Setting a high score is the only real satisfaction you get for the puzzles, so if you’re okay with that 10th Corpse is a game you’ll love. Ultimately, I did enjoy the game a lot, I would just like it to fight back a little. If you’re a puzzle game lover, you will enjoy this experience and with the level of content, you won’t feel ripped off.

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