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KEO Review

Multiplayer without the multi… what’s left you might ask? Well not much. Before reading any more of this review, please keep in mind that I timed out a number of times while trying to find an online match. Timeouts occur after TEN MINUTES of searching, so rest assured attempts were made and failed. I was ultimately unable to find an online game to join, and judging by the forums I am definitely not the only one. Who knows, some day the stars may align and all five of us who are still trying to play might log on at the same time. Until that day comes or until KEO moves to a free to play model, I can only recommend against its purchase.

KEO is an online combat racer, and when I say racer I really mean brawler, and when I say brawler I really mean a single player demo. Without the online component functioning there is extremely little to do, reducing KEO to a playable lobby. There is a single player “junkyard” that lets you test your offline vehicle and shoot at offline targets. The movement is decent, although I found myself flipping on my back way too often.

This game uses a tab targeting system which is wholly frustrating as you may have to mash that button a dozen times before you can aim at your intended target – even if it is right in front of you. I imagine this may have been what drove would be players away, as the combat portion of online combat should be seamless and enjoyable. Its too bad because the cars all look nice, and there are some fun weapons to play around with. Upgrades can be bought with cash purchased currency, but they are cosmetic only (as they should be).

If this game ever gains an audience I will revise this review, but as of 12/16/21 I was unable to play a large portion of KEO due to a lack of playerbase.

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