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Obsessive Revenge Review

Obsessive Revenge is a first-person shooter that utilizes the Cryengine. The game description on Steam says that the player is apparently a man out for revenge, to kill the guy that gave false testimony that sent his brother to prison. When starting the game, the player is presented with a very odd-looking configuration screen, which seems to be a window. After setting the configuration options, there is a play button, then a popup window appears that displays the controls. The player then clicks on ‘alright, let’s play’, and then the game loads and begins. There isn’t any sort of cut scene or anything displayed to give a back story, if the player didn’t read the description of the story on Steam, too bad.

Obsessive Revenge has hard coded controls that cannot be modified, sorry lefties, its WASD and nearby keys only. There are graphic resolution options, however some of them are strange, like 2715×1527. 2560×1440 is missing, as is 4k resolution. 1920×1080 is present as well as a plethora of low-resolution modes that 95% of players are unlikely to use. The sound and music can be volume adjusted, and there are difficulty settings and language options. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of save game or load function and the game doesn’t really need one.

The revenge mission is the ONLY mission in the game. There are several steps to complete the mission, which will take an average player all of 10 or 15 minutes to complete, maximum. It consists of maneuvering around and mowing down guards, grabbing some pictures in a house, throwing said pictures into a fireplace, short circuiting the electrical box, blowing up a car, blowing up a helicopter and plane on the ground, blowing up another car, and finally blowing up a boat. Ostensibly the player will kill virtually every enemy on the map, which is fairly small. There are invisible barriers to prevent the player from wandering out of bounds. Completing the mission ends the game; there is an option to explore the scene of carnage further, if desired, otherwise exit the game.

Obsessive Revenge uses a graphically impressive engine, but the game doesn’t utilize the full potential very well. The lighting creates a high contrast scene, making it very difficult to see with clarity. There are also several glitches and animation bugs, for example a picked-up weapon never rendered and yet could be fired and reloaded. This unrendered weapon made no sound at all. Some areas where there is a stream of water, there is a rushing water sound that is very abruptly on or off. Some of the map design looks OK, but nothing about it looks particularly modern, save the god rays. Were it not for the high contrast effect, it would look like a level design for a game made 10-15 years ago. The player can take an unbelievable amount of damage on normal difficulty, and the AI enemies all look, sound, and act exactly the same. Obsessive Revenge isn’t a terrible game, but it is so short that it is barely a demo. It has 5 Steam achievements, which are merely the mission objectives. It isn’t worth more than $1 in its current state and has no replay ability. There isn’t any compelling reason to buy this game; it offers nothing new or unique, so it is not recommended.

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