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Match Three Pirates II Review

As a game that takes quite a bit from your traditional match 3 type game, Match Three Pirates II manages to keep its own personality through it’s visual appeal and features. Typically, a match 3 genre game will follow a few simple rules, match 3 for a simple break, match 4 for a special column or row break, match 3 in two directions at the same time to create a 4×4 bomb and of course the best, break 5 to create a tile that will destroy all of a certain type of block on the board.

Secondly, games of this genre will also provide similar hurdles in clearing a board: clear a certain amount of each block type, clear a number of stationary tiles that never move despite tiles falling through them, or tiles that have to have breaks adjacent to it to cause it to break. We will find rules sets here that follow suit to this common build of match 3.

Match Three Pirates II sets itself apart from those other titles by providing an interesting theme to give it a burst of visual appeal. The setting of the island and all of the pirate related icons and characters make it feel like its own experience despite familiarity. Accompanying the visuals, you also get nice sounding music and effects to create more flavor.

Within this title comes a very light story that isn’t really needed or deep, but still gives the game its own life, which is great. Of course you won’t be getting anything of a visual novel type read or anything, but more-so a few lines from a few characters after you purchase a new resort feature.

Continually as you play and clear stages, you will be rewarded with gold. After saving up your bounty, options on the bottom of the island screen will become select-able allowing you to spend said money on resort furnishings to expand your island, which will act as this game’s progression system. A lot of them really do not do much beyond provide a little dialog and act as a barrier to get to a few particular attractions. Every-so-often as you’re buying up these items, you will get one that allows you to purchase boosters before a stage. These are not requirements to succeed but are nice in their own ways and gives you something to look forward to.

Finally, one of my most favorite options in this game that I just loved seeing be available is a difficulty option. Easy and normal mode both are basically impossible to fail at, but hard mode actually starts presenting a challenge with it’s alterations. In the confines of the hardest difficulty, you will find yourself without infinite moves and additional hurdles that really do amp up the player’s need to be able to think ahead with each move.

Up to this point, Match Three Pirates II is one of my favorite match-3 titles because of its flair and difficulty options. As a lot of these games fail to do, this particular game really is for everyone. Although, these types of games like to find themselves on mobile, I still think this title is a great option for anyone who likes to play these types of puzzle games. Charm, replay-ability and longevity can be found here.

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