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Falco Axe Review

Well Falco Axe is a very straight forward beat’em up game. Beyond the going in and smacking stuff, there is not much else here to be honest. In it’s current state, there is no controller support, so I had to make my own after not enjoying using the keyboard at all. That is a personal dislike on my behalf because my fingers just don’t jive with a game like this on the keyboard.

Where most games give you even a very simple story line in the form of stills and text or even just a blank screen with text, Falco Axe does none of this. There is no story, no names, no princess that needs rescuing, nothing.

The primary focal point in this game is the combat where there are only a handful of buttons and a few meters. On the HUD you have a health bar, enemy health bar, Axe gauge and magic/power gauge. The axe gauge, once filled, summons an axe that moves back and forth that can damage enemies. The other meter I just called the power meter, allows you to launch a powerful sword attack or shoot an arrow from a distance. Nether attack are particularly spectacular in power, but have their purpose. As for attacking and combos, you really have only one string of attacks you can use. You won’t find any variation here with your attacks.

To me this title feels a lot like a mobile game to keep you busy in a doctors office waiting area for a few minutes or something like that. I cannot say there is a lot of depth here to keep a player such as myself entertained for a long period of time. However, with that said, if you are looking for something to just turn on and zone out to that doesn’t take much thought or breaking the bank or maybe even for a younger player who you want to lead into more complex beat’em ups, this may be what you’re after.

It also helps that the game is so cheap. Your bank won’t even feel this purchase.

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