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Wife Quest Review

Wife Quest follows the same storyline most games in this genre has, a hero saves his princess/wife from the evildoers. Except this one features a heroine saving her husband who has been kidnapped by a dark elf. The protagonist, Mia, will have to go extreme lengths to save her husband, Ferdinand. During her adventure, she has to face Morganna and her companions, the Monster Girls.

The game features gorgeous pixel art and animations. Though I found the pixel arts too rough on my first impression, they grew on me over time. The characters are well done, specially their designs. There are a variety of enemies throughout the game and each type of monster has their own unique finishing animation. These are very cute animations that you can trigger each time you defeat a monster, which you can speed up if it gets to the point that it becomes redundant and boring too fast. There is also a good number of levels throughout the game, presenting different landscapes each stage, as well as unique challenges. There are also hidden unlockable contents throughout the levels, collecting them can unlock in-game songs, gallery images, minigames, etc.

In terms of gameplay, it is as you’d expect from most platformer games. The actions doesn’t feel too stiff and are easily controllable. I find the game easier and less punishing compared to other platformer games though, which is a plus for me personally. You get stronger by collecting coins that is dropped from the enemies you have beaten. These coins are used in a shop to purchase upgrades for yourself. Most of the upgrades are not locked behind any progression, you have the freedom to choose which one you want to purchase first. Defeating bosses at the end of stages also unlocks a new ability for you. Then there is Magic Mode, which is unlocked once you have finished the game once. This will allow you to replay the whole game on a different skin and with abilities unlocked right from the start.
With the way the game is priced, I say you’re getting more than what you paid for. This is a great example of an indie game done well. There are tons of content that can be found inside, and it shows how much work has been done for this game. If you’re looking for a new platformer game to play and at the same time enjoy a humorous plot, try this one out!

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