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Road 96 Review

Walking down a road one step at a time, or riding shotgun in a semi truck, you’ve only got one goal: make it to freedom and a better life. Road 96 is this on the surface, but when you start peeling back the layers, this game has so so much more going on. Climb on in and fasten your seat-belt folks, because this game is a ride to be remembered.

You’ll find yourself as various different teens all with their own stories to tell, but you, the player, are still in the driver seat. As you make your way to Road 96, which is the ultimate goal in this game, you will find yourself caught up in tons of different situations that all feel unique and fresh. Each of the characters were made very well by the development team. Despite the fact that each character does not grant the player with some kind of extensive background, as you play you’ll feel very connected and immersed in this world. You’ll care not only about the teens, but even the people you run into as they all are very unique and well written too.

As you move around the different scenarios the player will find that you will not only have a great story, but you’ll get to have choice in how it plays out. During the dialog, choices that the player has to make become available, and depending on previous choices, things can change or become available to provide alternative options.

You’ll also come across many different minigame type situations that are all really unique with interesting and different outcomes depending on what you do or don’t do. Some things may just be simple games, but others may be a bit more extensive and heart pounding situations.

I’m trying to be vague to not ruin anything in this game, because this game needs to be played. Road 96 is amazing and I would most definitely suggest it as a title to be purchased. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed if you like a world that does truly feel alive, story you will actually care about and characters you will feel connected to, give this game a chance. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.

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