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Forrader Hero Early Access Mini Review

Forrader Hero is a turn-based tactical roguelike both developed and published by VidyGames who I believe is a one-man team and is currently in Early Access.

The story here is pretty much non-existent or as generic as you can get, you are a hero, and you need to defeat evil creatures. The focus is on the gameplay, you start off choosing from one of five heroes like a Knight, Mage, Rogue or from the new content update the Alchemist and Necromancer. You start with only the Knight, and you can unlock more when you progress. Based on the character you choose you will gather different attributes, traits and abilities, for instance with the Knight you can get health, armor, attack points and its respective abilities featuring the sword and shield. The unique feature of Forrader Hero is that you cannot go backwards and only forward or left and right, this makes every move a critical decision and one wrong move can have dire consequences. The game is definitely not easy and it makes you think about your next move. Like other roguelikes, the point is to progress and choose upgrades for your hero along the way to get stronger, though currently there is no progression, you seem to be gathering some sort of coin but you can’t spend it anywhere so I assume there will be stuff you can buy later on. The game also lacks a tutorial of any kind to explain to the player at the very least what every stat does especially to newcomers of the genre.

At the time of this mini review, the game has only 5 heroes and 3 stages in total. In saying that, it’s still in early access and the developer has been fairly active. This game is simple to pick up but gets challenging as you play and at this low price, you will definitely get your money’s worth as it can be quite fun. We will keep an eye on Forrader Hero and see where the developer takes it in future updates.

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